Where to Buy Miglyol 840

Similar to mct or coconut oil. Miglyol 840 is thinner than other carrier oils, making it a premium option for preparing injections. If you’re looking to take advantage of the high quality propylene glycol diester that can flow through the smallest of needles like water and are wondering where to buy Miglyol 840 – we’ve got you covered.

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MedLabGear provides a high quality Miglyol 840 for your medical needs. It’s created with carefully selected raw materials to limit the existence of microorganisms and does not contain any additives, solvents, antioxidants, or catalysts. The MedLabGear supplier of Miglyol 840 creates the oil in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment to ensure the highest levels of purity.

You can choose to buy the carrier oil in the following quantities:

1 liter
1 gallon
2.5 gallons
5 gallons
Miglyol 840 Uses
In the medical community, Miglyol 840 is a low viscosity oil used as a carrier oil for injections. But it has a much wider purpose due to its skin absorption properties and spreadability. Miglyol 840 can be found in a variety of cosmetics and skin care products like lotions and makeup as it is non-greasy and safe for use on sensitive areas like your face or baby skin. Other uses:

Massage oil
Makeup remover
Solubilizer in lipstick and foundation
Foaming bath products
Wet wipes
Sunscreens and sun protectant lotions

Miglyol 840 Scientific Data

INCI Name:Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate (and) Stearalkonium Hectorite (and) Propylene Carbonate
Molecular Formula: C39H80O10

Also known as:
Solubility: at 20°C in acetone, diethyl ether, ethanol 96%, hexane, isopropanol, and toluene.
Oxidation: High stability against oxidation
Liquid: at 0°C
Miscible: forms a homogenous mixture at all ratios with paraffin hydrocarbons and natural oils

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