What are the Features of an Invacare Medley ergo Hospital Bed

Hospital beds differ from our standard beds, but they should still provide the same comfort and support. With a hospital bed, you should be looking for comfort most importantly, but you should also look for the ease of use for the patients and caregivers. When looking for a hospital bed, you want to be sure the bed is the perfect fit for the patient. The Invacare Medley ergo hospital bed has to perfect balance of functionality and quality and a homier design. This hospital bed has a more attractive design with frame color and woodwork available in light grey and beech.  Whether the patient is in community or residential care comfort and ease of use is a must. The Medley ergo is also designed for quick assembly and speedy transportation.


Some of the features of this bed include:

  • Assembly can be done without the use of tools. This will provide a quick assembly as well as make dismantling and storage very simple. 
  • Reduced shear and friction from sliding downward during profiling.
  • Increased comfort when in the sitting position.
  • Suitable for shorter patients.
  • Suitable for larger patients.
  • Can be positioned in 2 heights.
  • There’s a wide range of side rails and side rail covers.
  • Lowers to a height of 210mm for maximum safety.
  • Covered bed ends.

The medley ergo hospital bed has optional accessories such as a crash mat for patients who tend to fall out of bed to prevent any further harm. You can easily fold it up and store it under the bed when not in use. You can also purchase a lifting pole and mattress extender as well. 

This bed is equipped with hand controls. The hand controls give the patients the ability to adjust their own bed position easily. This is especially good for patients with limited mobility. The patients can raise themselves into a sitting position to read, watch television, or have a meal. They can lower themselves back down when they are ready to rest. These hand controls come with a safety feature which allows you to lock the functions to prevent potential harm or injury to a patient. Patients that are restless, confused or suffer from muscle spasms are at risk of injury from these functions. Patients can also lock the functions to prevent accidentally pressing a button. Some hand controls come with the options of controlling nearby devices such as televisions. You can also control the light switches so that patients don’t worry about having to get in and out of bed to turn them on and off. 

The medley ergo comes with leg supports that are equipped with rastofix. This allows the patients proper positioning for their legs. The bed has optimized dimensions to meet the needs of larger patients reducing shear and friction. Shear and friction can cause unwanted bed sores or pressure ulcers. 

With all these great features and the ability for the patient to have some independence the Invacare Medley ergo would be the perfect choice for any patient. The bed is designed to provide comfort, simplicity, modern appearance, and functionality.

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