Covidien Medical 2.2 QT Sharps Container


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Covidien Medical 2.2 QT Sharps Container

The SharpSafety Covidien Medical 2.2 QT Sharps Container holds approximately 75 (3ml) syringes and needles for disposal. It’s a portable container that can fit into a blood drawing tray to efficiently dispose of medical sharps. There is a clear top to monitor how full the container is with a red colored base. When the Sharps Container is full, you can lock it to secure items for final disposal.

Covidien Medical 2.2 quart Sharps Disposal Containers offer superior disposal options for diabetics and phlebotomists.

  • Compact size
  • Lid can be permanently locked for disposal
  • One-handed removal and disposal of needles with universal needle key
  • Dispose of blood, hypodermic needles, small syringes, IV needles, lancets, and butterfly tubing
  • Polypropylene plastic



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